Lunar Development Platform

Want to Build your own Metaverse Technology? Need To Accelerate your app development?
Lunar Platform is the engine for your next idea.

The development platform for buildIng live experience-based apps and metaverse digital activations that users love.

  • Declarative tool sets that automate the coding of your solutions such as apis, UI/UXs, and data storage. 
  • Automated roll out of solutions and monitor their health
  • Plugin analytics that surfaces data about user behavior across devices and solutions
  • Connect to data sources with dozens of connectors. Or create your own
  • Fully managed backend services - such as blockchain, cloud gaming, CDN. Or connect to your own
  • Plugin E2E components for rapid development- such as chat messaging, SSO, Payments, Ads, Video streaming  
  • Cross platform SDKs to integrate with your existing development or for custom development

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