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Have a great idea? But extremely complicated with multiple stakeholders, complex inter-connected requirements, and impossible deadline?
Sounds like Tuesday to us.

Seasoned software engineers, coders, and architects with expertise across hundreds of technologies

Your End-to-End Software Development Partner

Get full-service, fully-managed end-to-end support for any sized development project. We are a custom software development company with over 20 years of engineering experience.

We Provide Our Development Services to Various Industries

Digital Events
Media & Entertainment
Retail & E-commerce
Game Development
Metaverse Development
FinTech (Including Blockchain and Crypto)
Educational Services
Information Technology
Transportation & Warehousing
Oil, Gas, & Mining

Roadmap Development

We explore our client's business, portfolio, and project asks in- depth and recommend a strategic plan of action considering multiple aspects in mind.

Project Management

Our holistic project management approach offers timely response to proposals, on-time schedules, meeting project deadlines, and fulfilling stakeholders expectations.

Seamless Engagement

With a unique amalgamation of skilled developers and cutting-edge technologies, we enable transparency and scalability at all engagement levels.

Consistent Delivery

As a reliable software development firm, we apply a systematic approach to delivering complex and simple projects.

Software Development Lifecycle for Innovative Solutions

We use a lightweight process to form a collaboration model between all functions to drive alignment throughout the development lifecycle.

This collaboration model gets us all a shared understanding on context on the work being done, decisions made, quality, reducing churn, and development efficiency.

We follow Agile methodology, which allow our dedicated teams to deliver projects on time and on budget.

The Nerdy Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Eclipse Reality ensure that our project goals are met?

Our process begins with a discovery workshop that enshrines your project objectives and bakes in success metrics. Our project reporting database contains over 100 metrics that enables us to optimize the productivity of our processes and ensure successful delivery. We surface KPIs to you so at any moment you'll know the status of a deliverable.

How does Eclipse Reality ensure the work is getting done if project team are remote?

Our delivery process includes technologies and communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Miro, figma, etc. that enables virtual teams to work effectively together to deliver high-quality software applications independent of location. These technologies also give our Project/Delivery Managers clarity around key project risks and status to manage progress towards outcomes for clients.

Do you use Agile Project Management?

We employ modified agile processes focused on lightweight documentation, fast iterations and pushing new releases at any configurable cadence.

What does Eclipse Reality do to ensure application quality?

Our methodology provides quality assurance throughout the entire delivery lifecycle including stress testing, performance testing, integration testing, user acceptance testing, as well as devops support.

How fast can you build my project?

Our iterative methodology focuses on quickly building out a Minimum Viable Product with core functionality to enable user testing and prioritization of other features in many successive releases. We will produce software incremental deliverables in a two-week cadence (sometimes within a week depending on the ask) that can be tested with users or internal stakeholders to validate requirements. On average, a mid-size softwaredevelopment project takes 3-5 months to get developed, but the exact time depends upon the size and complexity of the project.

What is a typical team composition?

We implement a POD methodology which is a software development strategy that centers on building small cross-functional teams that own specific tasks or requirements for a project. A POD's team members will collectively have the skills to design, develop,test, and operate a product, ensuring self-sufficiency.

Typically a POD will consist of five or more roles, including an Project or Product Manager, Delivery Manager, Solutions Architect, Designer, and Software Engineer(s)part- or full-time as needed.

For larger or more complex projects, we may add additional PODs. It is not uncommonin large enterprise system to have 3 or more POD operational in parallel. Our model includes flexible resourcing to ensure the right resources are applied to a POD at each project phase.

Will we be working directly with the development team?

We provide a fully managed application development service, so clients work directly with their Project Manager, who are accountable to ensure we meet business objectives and keep the entire delivery team focused. However, clients also have access to communicate directly with particular roles or the full team as needed.

Who is responsible for maintaining the software applications?

Our project lifecycle includes bug fixes to maintain the latest release during user testing until the next release or when the Statement of Work concludes. Additional support services are available for applications after the go-live date. We will also partner to address issues and deploy updates to run and scale your application in conjunction with client support teams, hosting, and service providers.

How do we know your process complies with our corporate security guidelines?

We collaborate with your security teams to ensure that Eclipse Reality adheres to your security requirements.

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