Lucky Draw Raffle System

Need to raise money? Want to maximize your gains on exclusive products?
Use Lucky Draw to power your next user engagement.

Powered by and built with our Lunar Development Platform.

With the Lucky Draw Raffle System, creating raffles has never been easier. You can set up raffles that allow users to win exclusive prizes or products. So whether you're looking to raise funds for a charity, promote your business, or support a cause, our system allows you to create branded contests to help you achieve your goals.

The system can handle multiple raffles and auctions simultaneously, making it ideal for organizations or businesses that want to host regular events or promotions. In addition, you can host dozens of real-time raffles and auctions all at once, providing your users with an engaging and interactive experience.

The system also allows you to track and monitor the performance of your raffles, so you can fine-tune your campaigns and maximize the revenue you raise. With the detailed insights our raffle management platform provides, you'll see which raffles and promotions are performing the best, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that will help you achieve your fundraising or revenue goals.

Fundraising for non-profit organizations

Raffles can be an effective way for non-profit organizations to raise funds. They can create raffles with exclusive prizes or experiences that donors would be excited to win.

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